The Mysterious Series: The Haunted House.

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Hurray!!!! My first book is available on Kindle NOW. Please check out and post a review. I am excited to share the book filled with fun, suspense, mystery.  My girl protagonist is boy trapped with three brothers and with the help of her two best friends, she solves the biggest problem that haunts her little brain and deprives her of sleep. Clover is more worried than ever; she adventures through the journey until her mind settles down. How she solves the puzzle of her mind and convinces her family? To learn more about what happens next- please read the book one of a three book series down in the link below. I appreciate a genuine review on amazon. Thanks all for reading!!


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Lalitha Thatikonda enjoys reading all kinds of books and puts tremendous love to writing. She enjoys performing to the beat of Indian classical dance.

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