Triplet Trouble By Lalitha Thatikonda – Coming this May 2017 !!!

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My 3rd book ‘Triplet Trouble‘ is coming this May 2017. This story is special as I felt connected right from the beginning of developing this book. I had so much pleasure writing about three girl characters as they sailed through their everyday life doing all funny, naughty things just like every other girl does at that age. Hope you enjoy reading as much as I did writing.

A brief description:

Triplets = 3 X the fun
3 X the work

Triplets, Stacey, Casey, and Tracey are best friends. They always have been. But, their differences sometimes tear them apart. That’s okay, right? NOT. These are no ordinary triplets. Fighting, trouble, pulling pranks, is their thing. They have always stuck together in everything. From pulling each other out of dumpsters, helping each other get revenge on bullies. Tracey, Stacey, and Casey will do anything for each other. But the triplets slowly began drifting apart, and that leads to secrets, gossip, and much more. Will they find a way to get back together in everything, or will their special bond be broken forever?

Lalitha Thatikonda enjoys reading all kinds of books and puts tremendous love to writing. She enjoys performing to the beat of Indian classical dance.

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