Why do people move to Oregon, and how was Oregon found?

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Why do people move to Oregon, and how was Oregon found?

Did you know that people don’t just move to be with family and friends? Well, some people move to a different place because the food is scarce in their homeland. For example, the Irish moved from Ireland because of the Potato Famine. The Potato Famine was when there were barely any potatoes growing where they were. Without food, the Irish couldn’t survive. Another example is that people move because of war in their country because they don’t want to get hurt.The Germans, for instance, moved because there was a war going on in Germany. Last, people, like the Germans move for religious freedom. In their country, they are not free to practice their religion. People moved for many different reasons, but they all had one thing in common; they all hoped for a better life in America.

America had many things their homelands didn’t have, and America had more opportunities for a better life. For example, America had more job opportunities and allowed families to get jobs easier, so they could earn a living. Another reason people wanted to come to America was because it was far away from war. For example, the Germans came so they were away from the war in Germany. Also, America had free education. In Europe, only rich people could afford school. A Russian immigrant had gone to school for the first time in America. As you can see, America was a land of many opportunities, and the Native Americans were the first people to arrive in one of our states, Oregon.

The Native Americans followed their food, crossed the land bridge and arrived in Oregon. The Native Americans were the first people to arrive in Oregon. They were also the first people to use iron in their tools. Since they were the first people to arrive in Oregon, they had their own ways and traditions. They played games such as tug of war, foot racing and stick fighting. Most of these games helped the boys become strong men when they grew older. The Native Americans were also very creative, and they made their clothes from tree bark by weaving them. As you can see, the Native Americans had their own ways. They discovered Oregon, but Lewis and Clark explored the whole west, and that includes Oregon.

After the Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark set out to explore the west, hoping to learn more about this new land, and hoping to create the Northwest Passage. The Lewis and Clark expedition began on May 14, 1804. Lewis brought his Newfoundland dog, Seaman, along with them. On the way, Lewis and Clark met a Shoshone Indian named Sacagawea. Sacagawea and her husband, Charbonneau, helped them along the way. They built many forts and other things that are landmarks today. Without Sacagawea, the expedition might have failed. Sacagawea had helped Lewis and Clark by saving their supplies and by being a great translator. Thanks to her, it was a success. Even though they didn’t succeed in making the Northwest Passage, they were still successful.They sent Thomas Jefferson all their discoveries on barges. Without these two very brave explorers, and Sacagawea, people would not have been able to move to the west, or to Oregon.

There were many dangerous hazards on the Oregon Trail, but many Pioneers were willing to take the risk to move to Oregon for a better life. The Oregon Trail was a dangerous pathway leading to Oregon. Many pioneers wanted to move to Oregon because Oregon had free land. Married couples got three hundred twenty acres of land! On the Oregon Trail, many died because of cholera, a terrible disease that could lead to death. Some others sank in the rivers. Also, women and children sometimes fell out of the wagon and got crushed under the wagon’s wheels. Pioneers took many risks to move to Oregon, but without them, Oregon wouldn’t have been the busy place that it is today. People are here in this busy place for many reasons.

My mom moved from India to Indiana. She moved because she wanted a better education for college in America. Also, she wanted a better life. It took my mom a while to adjust to the different culture, weather, and atmosphere. She also felt homesick. But there was also a good side to this move. America was very beautiful, and she got what she came for, a better education and life. My family moved from Tennessee to Oregon for the weather and jobs.

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